Darkroom Paper, Chemicals, and Accessories

developing chemistry, fixer, print wash, toner

developing chemistry, fixer, print wash, toner

Chemicals for home darkroom and studio use are available through Central Camera. We supply fixing agents, photographic emulsion, paper and film developer, replenisher, powder, warmtone, cooltone and orthazite by industry leading companies like Rockland, Edwal, Ethol, Heico, Ilford, Kodak, Sprint and Photographer’s Formulary. Our Darkroom Department is also a great resource for smaller items like Pec*Pads, canned air, film cleaner, thermometers, timers, mat cutters and easels for enlarging and masking.

Here you can find archival binders, archival boxes, clear polypropylene sheet portfolios and dry mounting tissue to protect your finished prints and images. To achieve great prints, you need great paper. We carry Black & White and color photo paper in both fiber based and resin coated stocks. We carry Ilford paper as well as a very popular and affordable high-quality Central Camera brand darkroom paper.


Ilford Multigrade IV – 8×10 Pearl or Glossy, 25 pack & 100 pack    Classic Fiber Glossy 25 pack
print folders, negative pages, print protectors

print folders, negative pages, print protectors

Developer tanks and trays are offered in multiple sizes along with useful accessories. Developing reels, print tongs, roll film washers, incandescent safelights, darkroom lamps, drying books, wetting agents and film clips can be found in this category.

When you have specific needs or just need some good advice about your darkroom experience, please give us a call or send an email below. We would be happy to help guide and supply (or re-supply!) your creative place, your darkroom.

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