Film Cameras & Collectibles

Film Cameras – at Central, film and film cameras are definitely not dead! Although the new manufacturing of almost all film cameras has come to a close, we have a large selection of used cameras in all formats. Whether it’s a classic 35mm SLR for a beginning photography student, a medium format camera for a more professional large scale printing requirement, or even a large format 4×5 or 8×10 view camera that requires full photographic knowledge, understanding, and patience for maximum control, we have a selection that can satisfy your creative itch. Many of our best selected items are view-able on our E-Bay site… just click the link there on the left. But for a real total immersion experience, you just have to come in to the store where our knowledgeable staff is prepared to show you the gems that are ready to be put to good use once again.used camera equipment

And hey, if you just want to play around, that’s OK, we have that covered, too! Super inexpensive single-use (disposable) cameras and small point-and-shoot models can get you into the film world for just a few dollars. When you process the film you’ll shoot and order a CD added, you get to work in both worlds – analog film and digital files.

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