Flash, Lighting, and Meters

From portable and studio strobes to light modifiers and meters, Central Camera has the equipment and gear needed for professional results.
Portable strobes for name brands like Canon, Nikon, Leica, and Pentax are available. Here you’ll find dedicated, non-dedicated and close-up flash units along with useful reflectors and diffusers for your flash units. Also, power supplies, brackets, off camera connectors and accessories will assist in any photographer’s job.

Lumiquest flash diffusers

Lumiquest flash diffusers

Studio strobes are an ideal choice for sports and fashion photographers or anyone requiring the shortest possible flash duration. If you’re looking for a complete strobe kit, you’ll find the RPS Studio 480 Watt Second 3-Light Kit with a heavy-duty nylon case. Control strobe lighting is essential and Central Camera offers various soft boxes, umbrellas, reflectors, stands and accessories.

Flash accessories for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and more include TTL and non-TTL connectors, voltage regulators, wireless triggers, sync cords, meters and diffusers. We also have table top kits which contain everything needed to take professional studio quality images ideal for web posting.

To complete your professional lighting package, we have backgrounds and background stands. Recommended are the 100% cotton muslins manufactured by Wescott. Each muslin is computer printed to insure the exact color and quality you would expect; and contains grommets along the four sides and a 6″ pole pocket for quick and easy hanging. The metering systems built into today’s cameras do a fantastic job, but they have their limitations. We offer hand-held meters to measure ambient or flash light. New digital combination reflected/incident and spot meters from Sekonic, Gossen, or Kenko will aid in pinpointing the exact exposure.

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